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About ME

About Jan

I have always been interested in local community issues and started a resident group along with others in 2005. This group is still going strong and meets every month and I feel we have made a big difference in our community working well with local elected representatives and the police.


Working with the group I have been proactive in campaigning against local planning applications, successfully getting the speed restriction reduced to 30mph along Leicester Road and taken part in Community Speed watch campaigns. Speeding is an important issue for me, and I will continue to campaign about safety and speed on local roads.


Another big concern is litter and fly tipping and regularly take part in Litter picking campaigns to improve our environment.


In 2011 standing as a candidate for the Borough Council I was unsuccessful, but not deterred trying again in 2015 and was successfully elected as a Borough Councillor for Hinckley & Bosworth De Montfort Ward.

During my term I was fortunate enough to be selected as Deputy Mayor and then Mayor, this has given me a good insight into the workings of not only the Borough but also the County Councils.


As a Borough Councillor I was pro-active and probably the only member to hold regular surgeries for residents dealing with a variety of issues whether it be planning, neighbours, housing or social problems.


I am interested in the different services the County offer to residents in Hinckley particularly the Police, Fire, Education, and Social services and importantly how the County and Borough Councils can work together to improve the relationship more effectively.


I am dedicated, hardworking, enthusiastic, fair and conscientious and my role as a good County Councillor would be to ensure the constituents, I represent get a good deal.


My interests would be best served on the Environment & Transport Overview & Scrutiny committee which oversees Wastes Recycling, Public transport, Roads & Road Safety.


Campaigns - What Janice has done in your local area


  • Speed reduction on Ashby Road near to Sunnyside Community Hospital.
  • Safe crossing for pedestrians to Hospital on Ashby Rd.
  • Improving town centre roads by introducing a 20mph limit
  • Safe crossing for pedestrians to Leisure Centre, Health Centre and School on Mount Road
  • Better improvement to communications between County and Borough Councillors and Officers.
  • Waste Recycling, Public Transport, Roads & Road Safety